ClimeFish contribution to webinar on the Impact of Climate Change on Fisheries

On Thursday 26th November 2020, ClimeFish contributed to the online webinar organised by the North Western Waters Advisory Council: “The Impact of Climate Change on Fisheries in the North Western Waters: Examining policy, research, and potential mitigation and adaptation strategies”.

Outputs from the West of Scotland case study were presented to the audience comprising of stakeholders and scientists. These outputs comprised not only findings from empirical and modelling scientific analyses, but also results from the co-creation work from ClimeFish which led to a risk-assessment analysis, the identification of potential climate adaptation measures, and the production of a Decision Support Software to be used by stakeholders.

All of these outputs are now publicly available beyond the lifetime of the project. This ClimeFish legacy will hopefully help inform stakeholders on how to deal with climate change in marine fisheries.

Here is the agenda.