First round of simulation is ready

Predictions of climate change effects has been made for 14 ClimeFish case studies, spanning marine fisheries, freshwater lake fisheries, freshwater and marine finfish as well as marine shellfish aquaculture throughout European waters. Biological forecasts are obtained for two climate scenarios (RCP4.6 and RCP8.5) and four time intervals (2006-15, 2016-25, 2026-35 and 2046-55) by combining physical climate models and food web or individual based models. Read more.

General Guidelines for risk assessments

To maximise the potential of European seafood production under future climate scenarios and minimize undesirable shocks and negative effects due to climate change, efficient and precautionary management along with forward-minded decision-making on all levels is crucial. By creating ready-to-go adaptive strategies to cope with future climate change that are tailor-made not only for each specific sector, but for each component of a production system (specific industry or farm), managers, operators and other stakeholders can strategically reduce negative effects of climate change on their future production, while finding effective ways to utilize all potential opportunities that may arise. Read more.

Illustration: Nadja Andersson