The Farmed Atlantic Salmon Stakeholder Event

The Atlantic salmon case study stakeholder meeting was held in Oslo 5th of April

From the ClimeFish consortium: Michaela Aschan (The climeFish coordinater, University of Tromsø), Bruce McAdam (University of Stirling), Elisabeth Ytteborg (Nofima), Øystein Hermansen (Nofima), Øivind Bergh (partner from CERES, Institute of Marine Research)

Stakeholders: Silje Ramsvatn (Cermaq), Johan Johansen (Salten Havbrukspark), Stein Halstensen (Grieg Seafood), Anders Karlsson-Drangsholt (Bellona), Eirik Sigstadstø (Fiskeri- og havbruksnæringens forskningsfond), Olav Moberg (Fiskeridirektoratet)

Agenda for the meeting:

10:00 Introduction and round table presentation of participants – Elisabeth Ytteborg

10:15 This is ClimeFish – Michaela Aschan

10:30 Case Study C11A – Elisabeth Ytteborg

11:00 Salmon growth under temperature increase – Bruce McAdam

11:30 Comments to the growth models and the data

11:45 Lunch

12:30 Diseases and Parasites under climate change – Øivind Bergh

13:00 Risk assessment – Øystein Hermansen

14:45 Strategies for mitigation – Øystein Hermansen

15:45 Final discussion and closing of the meeting – Elisabeth Ytteborg

Michaela gave a presentation about the project where she also focused on Norwegian climate strategy, and pointed out the lack of a complete plan for the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated information about the project and the case. The Salmon case was presented to the stakeholders, including knowledge gap analyses, historical data from the coast of Norway focusing on increased sea water temperature from the 1980-ies to today, growth models and scenarios and a prototype for evaluating growth and time to harvest in specific regions upon changed temperature was de3monstrated.

The second part was more interactive with discussions with the stakeholders. Risk assessment and strategies for mitigation in Norwegian aquaculture was evaluated.

Below are some photos from the meeting.


Bruce, Michaela and Øivind

Øystein, Anders, Johan and Silje