Friends of ClimeFish

ClimeFish cooperate with a number of other EU financed projects:


CERES: CERES advances a cause-and-effect understanding of how climate change will influence Europe’s most important fish and shellfish resources and the economic activities depending on them. It will provide tools and develop adaptive strategies allowing fisheries and aquaculture sectors and their governance to prepare for adverse changes or future benefits of climate change.


MareFrame: MareFrame is a EC-funded RTD project which seeks to remove the barriers preventing more widespread use of the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management. This entails development of new tools and technologies, development and extension of ecosystem models and assessment methods, and development of a decision support framework that can highlight alternatives and consequences.


TAPAS: The four-year Horizon 2020 TAPAS research project, which started in March 2016, aims to consolidate the environmental sustainability of European aquaculture by developing tools, approaches and frameworks to support EU Member States in establishing a coherent and efficient regulatory framework, implementing the Strategic Guidelines for the sustainable development of European aquaculture and delivering a technology and decision framework for sustainable growth.


PrimeFish: European seafood producers are facing increased competition from overseas; prices of seafood products fluctuate and destabilize markets; unsuitable regulations influence the competitiveness of seafood producers; some producers are unable to meet the demands and expectations of consumers and many new fish products fail on markets. These challenges are addressed in PrimeFish, a four-year European funded research project by the H2020 Programme.