Work Packages

ClimeFish is organised into 9 different work packages. The production sectors with its cases are running across all scientific WPs (WP1-WP7). The scientific WPs  all address specific ClimeFish objectives with many activities and applications in the selected production sectors: marine fisheries, lakes and ponds and marine aquaculture. WP8 is dedicated to training and dissemination and WP9 will handle the management of the project and interact with all WPs throughout the project duration.

The 9 WPs are organised and numbered according to the work flow of ClimeFish:

WP1: Case study and knowledge gap analysis

WP2: Data harmonization and visualization

WP3: Biological forecasting

WP4: Identify risks and opportunities and develop early warning methodologies

WP5: Develop strategies to mitigate risk and utilize opportunities

WP6: Stakeholder interaction

WP7: Develop the ClimeFish Decision Support Framework

WP8: Dissemination and training actions

WP9: Project management