Modelling of freshwater fisheries II


A workshop for the Climefish freshwater sector was arranged 12th to 14th of March, 2017, in Liget Wellness és Konferencia Hotel, Szarvas, Hungary. The workshop was organized by he Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture,  HAKI, Szarvas, Hungary. 11 delegates from all four groups of the freshwater sector participated.

The main agenda of the workshop was to summarize the progress of individual case studies, discussion of the main achievements and challenges for the future. We also discussed the possibility to use common hydrological and climatic background for fish studies for prediction of temperatures, discharges (water levels, precipitation) eventually nutrient concentrations for individual case studies.

The second half of the meeting was dedicated to the modelling progress, information on the current state of commonly used model platforms, needs for improvement and plans how to implement them in case studies.  The schedule of the cooperation in implementing of Individual based models (University of Tromso) was agreed.

Last important set of topics consist with the possibilities of drawing common conclusions across several case studies, larger geographical areas, more fish species etc. We defined the outline of forthcoming deliverables and four general publications which should come up from our joint effort.