CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) – Creating a European standard

ClimeFish will make a European standard for how to incorporate climate aspects into management plans for aquatic resources

In addition to the management plans developed for the specific cases in the project, ClimeFish will provide guidelines and good practice recommendations for how these types of management plans can be developed in general. The guidelines will be published as a low level, voluntary European standard, a so-called CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA). The CWA will provide a “do it yourself” recommendation for these types of management plans; outlining the steps needed to generate a management plan, who needs to be involved, and what factors need to be taken into consideration.

The kick-off meeting for the CWA process will be in Brussels on October 10th 2018; please contact Petter.Olsen@Nofima.no to register for the workshop. The process will take roughly one year, and drafts of the CWA will be published for feedback, before a final consensus meeting late in 2019 will close the process and hand the document over to the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) which will maintain and distribute the CWA after ClimeFish has finished.

For more details of the CWA procedure, see: