ICES PICES workshop on climate vulnerability assessment

ClimeFish presents at the Workshop on Regional Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for the large marine ecosystem in the northern hemisphere (WKSICCME-CVA)

ClimeFish was present at the ICES PICES workshop on climate vulnerability assessment for fisheries and aquaculture hosted in Copenhagen from July 19 to 21. This two and half day workshop had a set of ambitious goals including the evaluation of various vulnerability assessment approaches used for fisheries and aquaculture, analysing their strengths and weaknesses; with the aim to find opportunities for comparative studies looking at the relative vulnerability of species in different Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs). In addition, the group of experts discussed best practices for extending vulnerability assessments of marine fish and invertebrates to vulnerability of coastal communities and identify a suite of representative concentration pathways for use in vulnerability assessments in the northern hemisphere. During this intense workshop, the participants started working in a draft of short statements on climate change impacts and vulnerability for regional ecosystem overviews produced at ICES and potentially other organizations, to further produce a report on their findings.