2nd Annual Meeting

24th to 26th of April, 46 participants from the 21 institutions in ClimeFish met in Szarvaz in Hungary. Szarvaz is the headquarter of our Hungarian partners, HAKI. Gergö Gyalog from HAKI is the case study leader of the Hungarian implementation case.


Agenda for the meeting:

TUESDAY 24th of April

08:30-09:00 Registration / Sign-in

09:00-10:00 Welcome and introduction by Bela Halasi-Kovacs (Director of HAKI), Michaela Aschan (Coordinator), Katerina Moutou (EAG)

10:30-11:00 WP1: Case study and knowledge gap analysis Alan Baudron, UniAbdn

11:00-11:15 WP2: Data harmonization and visualization Petter Olsen, NOFIMA

11:15-11:45 WP3: Biological forecasting, Raul Primicerio, UiT

11:45-12:15 WP4: Identify risks and opportunities and develop early warning methodologies Unn Laksá, SYN

12:15-13:30 LUNCH break

13:30-14:00 WP5: Develop strategies to mitigate risks and utilize opportunities Ragnhildur Fridriksdottir, MATIS

14:00-14:30 WP6: Stakeholder interaction, Mariola Norte, CETMAR

14:30-15:00 WP7: Develop the ClimeFish Decision Support Framework (DSF) Frank Wätzold, B-TU

15:00-16:00 COFFEE break and time for individual meetings

16:00-16:30 CERES presentation and discussion Anastasia Walter, CERES

16:30-17:00 TAPAS presentation and discussion, Trevor Telfer, UStirling

17:00-17:30 GENERAL ASSEMBLY Only Partner Managers needed

18:30-19:30 WELCOME reception and group PHOTO


WEDNESDAY 25th of April

08:45-09:00 Sign-in

09:00-10:30 Sector meetings

09:00-09:15 Individual sector meetings start-up/initial discussions

09:15-10:30 Case study presentations

SECTOR 1: Marine Fisheries, Solfrid Hjøllo, IMR and Alan Baudron, UniAbdn, Responsible for minutes: Kjell Rogn Utne

SECTOR 2: Lakes and Ponds, Jan Kubecka, BCAS and Gergő Gyalog, HAKI, Responsible for minutes: Aslak Smalås

SECTOR 3: Marine Aquaculture, Elisabeth Ytteborg, NOFIMA and Nikos Papandroulakis, HCMR, Responsible for minutes: Lynne Falconer

10:30-10:45 COFFEE break

10:45-12:45 Merge of sector meetings

10:45-11:45 WP1 and WP3 discussions, Alan Baudron, UniAbdn and Raul Primicierio, UiT

11:45-12:45 WP4 and WP5 discussions, Unn Laksá, SYN and Ragnhildur Fridriksdottir, MATIS

12:45-13:45 LUNCH break

13:45-14:45 Implementation cases (C5F, C10A and C12A) to meet with WP4 WP5 WP7, Other case studies can organise own discussions in parallel

15:00-18:30 VISIT to HAKI facilities and African catfish farm


THURSDAY 26th of April

08:45-09:00 Sign-in

09:00-09:30 Morning Chair: Alan Baudron WP8: Dissemination and training actions, Elisabeth Ytteborg, Nofima 09:30-10:00 COFFEE break

10:00-10:30 WP9: Project management, Hanne Risan Johnsen, UiT

10:30-12:00 Further work – meeting plan and upcoming deliverables Michaela Aschan, UiT

12:00-13:00 LUNCH break

13:00-14:00 External Advisory Group evaluation

14:00-14:15 CLOSING of meeting

14:30-16:30 Scientific Committee Meeting

16:30-17:00 Project Management Board Meeting


Michaela opens the meeting

Visiting the African Catfish farm

Harvesting catfish


Catfish tank

Visiting the Catfish farm

Liget Wellness Hotel