2020 Forum

  • When: 25-26 February 2020
  • Where: FAO Headquarters, Rome
  • WhatProgramme



Session 1 – Fisheries and aquaculture in the face of a changing climate

Session 2 – Potential impacts of climate change on seafood production

Parallel session: Marine fisheries case studies

Parallel session: Marine aquaculture case studies

Parallel session: Lakes and ponds case studies

Session 3 – Perspectives: industry, policy and science


Session 4 – Adapting to a changing climate: adaptation plans

Session 5 – Adapting to a changing climate: decision support

Parallel sessions:

Session 6 – The way forward


About the forum

Climate change poses a threat to ocean and freshwater resources. Increased temperatures risk shifting the distribution of fish stocks and adversely affecting aquaculture production. These changes could have serious consequences for food security.

The ClimeFish project organised the 2020 International Forum on the Effects of Climate Change on Fisheries and Aquaculture, kindly hosted by FAO. We showcased research results and exploitable outcomes, as well as tools and instruments for adapting to climate change.

By fostering interaction and dialogue among scientists, policy makers and industry, we provided a forum for discussing the challenges that the fisheries and aquaculture industries may face in the future. The forum addressed possible solutions and remaining knowledge gaps. #ClimeFish

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