Case Studies

Update (2019): Virtual fact sheets for each case study

ClimeFish will explore how the most important and the less resilient exploited European fish stocks and the most productive established aquaculture species respond to the different climate scenarios.

3 production sectors have been defined: marine fisheries, freshwater lakes and ponds and marine aquaculture. Within these sectors ClimeFish has identified 7 habitats: demersal and pelagic species for marine fisheries, cold and warm water species for lake and pond production; North, South and coastal regions for marine aquaculture.

The habitats and regions chosen allow for studies on a range of predicted temperature changes and a variety of potential threats and biological processes. Below is the 15 ClimeFish case studies listed, with a link to a more comprehensive description:

Marine Fisheries:

C1F – North East Atlantic, including species like herring, mackerel, capelin, blue whiting, anchovy and sardine

C2F -Baltic Sea, including species like herring and sprat

C3F – Baltic Sea, including species like cod

C4F – Barents Sea, including species like cod and haddock

C5F – West of Scotland, including species like hake and cod

C6F – Adriatic Sea, including species like hake


Freshwater Lakes and Ponds:

C7F – North Norwegian Lakes, including species like Brown Trout, Arctic charr, whitefish, vendace

C8F – Italian Lake Garda, including species like whitefish, Arctic charr

C9F – Czech Republic Lakes, includes species like catfish, pike-perch, carp, whitefish

C10A – Hungary, includes Fish like carp and catfish


Marine Aquaculture:

C11A – North East Atlantic, includes species like Atlantic salmon and cod

C12A – Greece, includes species like sea bass and meagre

C13A – Spain, Iberian upwelling, includes species like blue mussel and carpet shell

C14A – Scotland, includes species like blue mussel, flat and cupped oyster

C15A – Italy, includes species like blue musel and carpet Shell


C16AF – European Waters overall, includes all species in the 15 different case studies