ClimeFish European Standards

ClimeFish will make a European standard for how to make Climate Adaptation Plans

As outlined in the project plan, ClimeFish will deliver a European good practice standard called “Recommendations for making Climate Adaptation Plans for marine capture fisheries, marine aquaculture and freshwater lake and pond production”. The standard is a so called CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA): a low level, voluntary standard that lasts for at least three years after project termination, and which can be renewed for another three years. A project plan for the standardization process has been made, potential conflicts with existing standards have been checked (no conflicts), stakeholders and potential users of the standard have been identified, a rough initial draft of the standard has been produced, and a Wiki for managing and documenting the standardization process and documents has been set up. The official, open kick-off of the standardization process will be on Monday April 8th at the 2019 ClimeFish annual meeting in the Lake Garda area, and the consensus meeting will be in February 2020 at the ClimeFish final meeting in Rome. The standardization process is open to any interested parties; to register please contact