WP6: Stakeholder interaction

Distance between science and practice as well as the barriers between cooperation and engagement are well-known. ClimeFish will deal with this, using specific strategies, where stakeholder interaction in WP6 is the most powerful tool.

The co-creation approach is beyond state-of the art practice in relation to interaction between scientists and stakeholders, combining analytical and participatory tools to generate knowledge that has scientific acceptability, policy relevance and social robustness. The successful implementation of this co-creation approach relies on the stakeholder hub. The hub will be the arena for discussing knowledge, sharing of experience, elucidation of knowledge gaps, cooperation and competition. The Hub combines physical events like workshops, seminars and scientific meetings and electronic communication like the website, social media and web learning tools to fully utilize the hub.

Generation of feed and feedback loops from the stakeholder hub for the development of research and management tools within and beyond the project is essential for the success of Climefish.