Temperature affinity, vulnerability and life-history trait information has been collated for the most important and less resilient fish and shellfish species in a ClimeFish database.

The effects of climate changes observed at the regional level in all case studies will be incorporated in a meta-analysis in order to assess the extent of the impact of climate change on seafood at the European scale.

ClimeFish will explore how fisheries and aquaculture systems respond to a changing environment in different latitudes (north or south), types (marine or freshwater), production sectors (fisheries and aquaculture), and configurations (open or closed systems). This work will mainly focus on the previously listed most important and less resilient species in order to identify areas most at risk. This is a simulation case implying that forecasting results and scenarios are evaluated, socio-economic analysis is performed, risks and opportunities are identified, and strategies for mitigation and utilization are developed.

The European level summary will feed into two round table events with policy makers and other stakeholders on European Level.