Bellona is an independent watch dog that scrutinize and reports any kind of environmental crime they might uncover. The Bellona Foundation was founded in Norway in 1986. Today, 55 people are employed by the organization, the main office in Oslo, Norway, and the international offices operates in Brussels in Belgium/EU and Murmansk and St. Petersburg in Russia.

Bellona has a solution-oriented approach to the environmental challenges and have since 1998 had extensive cooperation with a number of companies in different industries and businesses. Bellonas approach is that to achieve results one must jointly work out the best social and environmental solutions, and making these financially profitable/viable.

Bellona works at both national and international levels and at several arenas: politics, bureaucracy within ministries and agencies, decision-makers in business, media, other non-profit organizations and foundations and participants in research and education. Bellona’s interest in ClimeFish is rooted within their own projects and interest for a sustainable aquaculture. Bellona is a co-founder and co-owner of Ocean Forest, a aquaculture R&D company focusing on Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture (IMTA) and aquaculture of species at a low trophic level. The aim of Ocean Forest is to develop solutions for removal of CO2, nitrogen and phosphorus from the environment and at the same time increase aquaculture production and diversity. Ocean Forest uses what the world has enough of – saltwater, algae and CO2, to produce something that we have too little of: Food, feed and bioenergy. Ocean Forest works under strict sustainability criteria to develop restorative solutions.

Bellona’s involvement in ClimeFish is highly appreciated and their knowledge concerning climate changes and their expertise achieved through the Ocean Forest project will greatly improve and strengthen the ClimeFish models and forecasts.

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