Privacy and Cookies

The ClimeFish newsletter

ClimeFish uses MailChimp to allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe to the ClimeFish newsletter and to send them out. When somebody signs up for the newsletter, their email address is passed on to Mailchimp’s servers. Further information about Mailchimp and their usage of cookies can be found under the following link:


The ClimeFish website

ClimeFish uses WordPress CMS on Cookies are used to remember which users have logged in, and particular choices that users have made on the site, such as language preferences. Only registered users from ClimeFish are allowed to log onto the publishing system.



Google analytics

To get the best overview of how our users find their way around, we use Google Analytics services to collect and analyse data from all visits. No data that can identify someone on a personal level is transferred.



Embedded content from other websites

Pages on may include embedded content, such as videos from and, pictures, messages from Facebook/Twitter, summary of recent newsletters from and such.

Embedded content from other websites behaves in exactly the same way as if the user had visited the site from which the embedded content originated.

These sites store their own cookies when you read pages at with embedded content.


Social media

ClimeFish is present on Twitter. Twitter stores their own cookies when you visit them.